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I'm bored

2/16/13 by darkminister48

Its been a while since I logged in here at NG
Suggest me a hard game to finish. I want to finish something hard.


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Good luck. :) If you actually manage to beat it, let me know!

Hmm... I may suggest to you some old games. Try this game! ID: 460260. It's called Z-Rox.
And definitely try all Riddle School Games!
ID: 558933 Dungeon Dice
ID: 559714 *Flight*
Ever tried any games from Flipline Studios? These games will sure get you hooked.
ID: 573738 Linx
ID: 581441 Continuity

If you want to play more games, I suggest looking at what flash game reviewers reviewed. Sure, some of them are bad, while some are excellent.



I'll suggest two. The first one is just impossible, the second one is possible, but challenging. A good alternative if you actually want to complete something. :/ Also, medals.

2/25/13 darkminister48 responds:

Okay, I accept this challenge and see if I can finish this "impossible" game.