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2013-04-03 14:23:05 by darkminister48

Okay, lately I've been playing some terrible games and I'm terrible at finding good games.
So I would like to ask everyone to give me a good game to play.
I would take a seriously hard game (which is near impossible) and play it and then I would PM you something after playing it.
So any games would be fine even if its out of newgrounds.

I'm bored

2013-02-16 06:50:43 by darkminister48

Its been a while since I logged in here at NG
Suggest me a hard game to finish. I want to finish something hard.


2012-04-26 01:00:05 by darkminister48

Today, I started creating a novel entitled "My only friend". Its going to be my second attempt on making a stupid novel. I'm trying my best to make the grammar perfect because I'm so Ffing bad at grammar. This time I've been working over my novel for 5 hours and I've only written 4 sentences (That friggin' sucks). All the ideas I had was gone, it was sent to a dimension called "Forgotten things" (lol). So yeah, soon when I realize that I can't finish the novel, then I guess I just have to give up those things. I'm not really born to make those shits.

So anyway, after I watched the Mirai Nikki anime, I started of having an idea of writing a random diary of what is happening around me, its a funny idea which only crazy people do and I'm doing it for my own sake, I have really bad memories so I better should write a random diary like that. But again, I'm only doing this things because I'm bored. Being bored is more worst than being sad (Well, that is for me.)I guess many people will ask why don't I just watch anime so I won't be bored. It's not that simple, our internet is fast but streaming a video is so Ffing slow, I recently started to download some anime on torrents and its really slow, it takes me 1 anime per week and waiting for that to finish will be boring so that's why I am finding things to do so I won't be bored.

Unfortunately, reading this blog entry will be a waste of time (except when you find it interesting). And yeah, this is some crazy idea: starting now, I'll try to post a blog everyday and the blog will be about the things happened to me the whole day so you better not read it but if you're a stalker if mines (I don't care if I had one) you better read it if you want to figure out what was I doing all day. I already mentioned this but I'd like to remind the readers again... all of the ideas I had about this random blog came from Mirai Nikki. It's a pretty good anime... I don't know what to say about it but it's fun watching it.

[This entry took me 22 minutes to type.]

Me, myself and I

2012-02-29 23:50:27 by darkminister48

Hi there, I'm ________ 13 years old, male.
And this is my hobbies:
Watch anime
Read manga
Draw (anime style)
Well, only those. Its pretty boring huh?
Well anyways, anime is my life, any problems with that?
If you have, then you have one.
If you know Friedie Wong from youtube, then you know him.

Valentines day...

2012-02-13 22:06:54 by darkminister48

Probably the best day. Well that is for the guys who have some girls. I'm not one of them.
I'm an otaku, I don't need girls. What I need is Anime girls.
Well I didn't go to class because I'm at home having a fantasy about my crush in animes.
Haha don't think its weird but that's me. :)

Boring as hell

2011-09-30 13:39:56 by darkminister48

Dude its so boring, as boring as hell
BTW these is my tumblr account : http://weirdkami.tumblr.com/
Please follow :)


2011-06-14 04:58:12 by darkminister48

It's kinda boring. I have this dark corner with me and I've been spending 5 hours a day with it. Can someone suggest something for me to do? Darn! Anyone can borrow my dark corner here (just ask for permission).
Boredom kills too you know that?

blah blah blah! :)

2011-06-07 00:52:21 by darkminister48

Every question has an answer.
What if the answer comes first?
Would you still dare to ask?


2011-05-05 14:34:49 by darkminister48

When your going to do something it must be right.
Because once you have done a thing you can't change it back.
So how about moving one step at a time?

When you listen you learn.
When you listen thing change.
When you listen you know.
When we all listen we can change the world.