I'm bored

2013-02-16 06:50:43 by darkminister48

Its been a while since I logged in here at NG
Suggest me a hard game to finish. I want to finish something hard.


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2013-02-16 09:25:42

I'll suggest two. The first one is just impossible, the second one is possible, but challenging. A good alternative if you actually want to complete something. :/ Also, medals.


darkminister48 responds:

Okay, I accept this challenge and see if I can finish this "impossible" game.


2013-02-16 09:27:45

Hmm... I may suggest to you some old games. Try this game! ID: 460260. It's called Z-Rox.
And definitely try all Riddle School Games!
ID: 558933 Dungeon Dice
ID: 559714 *Flight*
Ever tried any games from Flipline Studios? These games will sure get you hooked.
ID: 573738 Linx
ID: 581441 Continuity

If you want to play more games, I suggest looking at what flash game reviewers reviewed. Sure, some of them are bad, while some are excellent.


2013-02-25 03:53:21

Good luck. :) If you actually manage to beat it, let me know!