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That Anna and Natalie moment in the tree... I ship them... KABJSNDASDASUND

First choice in the menu is a dead end.

this game enforces nihilism. if you are a happy person and if you are satisfied with your life, i recommend playing it, however if you are already depressed and hate life the way it is i highly recommend you to skip along and dont waste your time playing this game, go find something else to do, like watching dog videos to have a moment of peace. You dont need this game to enforce more of your depressing thoughts.

Good art as always, in fact it did improve. For the three chapters i played so far this has the best music. Its atmospheric and sets the mood completely.

The scene of Vera and Egel are erotic. Specially Dulcis' yuri scene with August is the most erotic, too bad that it was such a cliffhanger. I assume the patreon exclusive is a threesome? I wouldn't mind but in all honesty i would prefer a full on yuri. Good job btw. August is such a MILF hahaha. I'm looking forward to the other chapters, i sure hope there would be more of Sekani.

A really good game, story keeps me interesting even though the sex scenes are mediocre.
Sekani and Dulcis are the best girls. I really like your design for the characters. I caj't wait to see what would happen to Vera when she's in the same room with a horny Egel.

I have to say that there was something that was bothering me though, "his" was being used to refer to Sekani, particularly when she was bringing the cauldron to Ludara. Also found a bug where loading the scene with Ludara causes the left half of the screen to be white.

This is a really good game and you really got the personality of Rick and Morty right. Also even though how many i tried i cant seem to get past messaging Tricia. It just keeps on repeating as if i didnt message her.

Anyways looking forward to the upddate!

Very interesting story there. A few small complaints about your choice of words though. I know this is an incomplete version so i dont really mind the art for now. Hope you get to finish them soon.

I don't really like your design for Charlotte, I don't find her pretty at all. but i came here for the story, its till interesting, gonna be looking forward to future updates.

I think refering to the characters as "the brown-haired girl" or as "the blonde-haired girl" or "The older girl" is silly.I know you are trying to be somewhat descriptive but honestly you only need to do that once. Please just shorten it to their names, it would be easier for you and for us.

Art: 3.5/5 its decent most of the time but in one of the sex scenes with cousin, the guy's balls looks deformed. also in one of the rapescenes with aunt, her underwear definitely changed
Sound: 1.5/5 honestly that sound when fucking someone its just a huge major turn off. Its like watching 1990's hentai
Story: 3.5/5 even with the choices their attitude towards you isn't really affected, specially with the cousin where even if you caught her masturbating there's no changes. Honestly if someone of the opposite gender who is near my age caught me masturbating id dont know how to face them even with how many months has passed, or maybe that was just me. But besides that the story is somehow interesting but it did felt quite rushed.
Sex scenes: 4/5 they're pretty much like the most common sex positions, nothing too complicated or weird.

I selected monk for cinnacat and everytime i level him up he's supposed to get more strength and vitality everytime i level him up but nope i instead just get 1

Chose knight for Dawncaller. Sure the stats raises up normally but then again i only get three options for his attacks. "Slice" "Throw" and "Double". The two are dexterity based. The description says "trained to use weapon and armor to protect the weak" doesn't even have a defensive skill. what the hell?

Chose ranger for Lorela and holy shit the stat gain is so messed up for her. her dexterity only gains 1 point and her spirit gains like 3. Bloody hell. What the hell do i do with her spirit? She didn't even have a spirit based move.

Chose thief for Trickfoot. Dex and spirit gain is right. Then again you get three moves for him also. It's so underwhelming. "Knife" "Throw" and lastly "Steal" Come on, not even a "Double" for this one???

Chose hunter for Warren. He is the least most disappointing character ever. His vitality and strength gain is appropriate. Supposedly dexterity should have been the same but nope. Doesn't matter though because I can use "Haymaker" instead of "Double" The only problem though, despite being a hunter he had these two spirit based moves. Just why???

Now proceeding to the actual review. The story is really boring and senseless. 80% of the conversations were just the characters mumbling random shit that doesnt have anything to do with the game. I got tired of reading it at some point. I am bothered by the fact that the enemy has an unlimited amount of food with them no matter how much you steal. Because of bad RNG i ended up stealing more food than gold and by the end of the game i have at least 1,000 food that I don't even need. Hell i bet you don't even need more than 75 food to complete this game.

This should be changed. Have a limit on how much food and gold you can steal from the enemy. I'd prefer if you can only steal up to 10 food from the enemy and you can steal up to at least 100 gold. Since in my experience i ended up with a lot of food that i dont even need, I suggest having the the "search" feature more better. Like instead of just finding berries for HP why not have gold be found too?

Anyways the rest feature is very broken. It was stated that enemies might ambush you on your sleep, and i once spammed at least 50 rests to see if an ambush would happen but ALAS. No ambushes. What the hell? I know you made this within four days but it could have been better if you just fix this game full of bugs.

Speaking of bugs:

You know I tried a new save game again and selected the same role for everyone then wow something amazing happened. The two spirit based skill for Hunter Warren disappeared.

Also one more thing that I noticed. In the character selection you will see this "spirit" stat then when you actually play the game and see the character's stat theres no spirit but there's magic. Come on, stick to calling it 1 thing and make up your mind. Spirit doesnt even make sense.

And also, the game isn't brutal and hard (i beat it on the first time) Its just slow and painfully tedious. And honestly idk where you are going with the shitty timer. When i first played and i was trying to read the descriptions of the attacks and suddenly bam, my turn as skipped. Come on, don't make us rush just like how you rushed this game.

Also at the ending, at least put out a button where we can go back to the main menu. I had to refresh the page just to start again. Its just plain annoying.

No saving progress? alright.

barely any background story for the characters. Game is very tasking to the cpu despite being pixelated and having this kind of graphics and gameplay.

However, a bit fun until the map gets so huge that the game becomes slow.

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